• James Patterson donates $2,000,000 to support libraries and booksellers!( 2016.03.23 )
  • "Here's to communities supporting their bookstores and libraries. Here's to a country that makes reading a priority. Here's to flourishing libraries and booksellers, and to a joyful holiday season!”

    - James Patterson

    Dear All,

    I’m pleased to share the following press covering James Patterson’s wonderful y

  • James Patterson to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Book Foundation!( 2016.03.23 )
  • On November 18, during the National Book Awards ceremony, Patterson will receive the Foundation’s 2015 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community.

    Patterson takes the prize — whose previous recipients include Dave Eggers, Maya Angelou and Terry Gross — for donating millions of dollars for scholarships and grants, including ones to teachers col

  • AWARD NEWS: C.J. Cherryh named SFWA Damon Knight Grand Master!( 2016.02.24 )
  • We’re thrilled to share important awards news: C.J. Cherryh has been named by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) as the 32nd Damon Knight Grand Master for her contributions to the literature of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

    C.J. Cherryh joins an esteemed group of previous recipients. This high honor has been bestowed on great names in the sf/f world including Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin.

  • 美国著名作家哈珀·李去世:Harper Lee passed away peacefully in Monroeville, Alabama( 2016.02.20 )

    Friday 19 February, 2016


  • Portfolio Publisher Adrian Zackheim Was Given the 2015 Jack Covert Award( 2016.01.17 )
  • Nice news from the 800-CEO-READ Awards last night:

    Portfolio Publisher Adrian Zackheim was given the 2015 Jack Covert Award for Contribution to the Business Book Industry.


    The 2015 Jack Covert Award for Contribution to the Business Book Industry

    We began giving out the Jack Covert Award for Co

  • Dear Friends,

    I have great pleasure in letting you know that Robin Hobb’s FOOL’S ASSASSIN has won the Dutch Hebban Public Prize Award for Best Fantasy of 2015 (non-Dutch). Other nominees included Anne Leckie, J.R.R. Tolkien, and James A. Coret. Hebban is the largest book community i


  • “As the best writers do, Hobb shows us ourselves in her characters. Their longings and failings are our own, and we find our view of the world indelibly changed by their experiences. The novelists in any genre are rare who achieve it with Hobb’s com

  • The Game of Our Lives Wins 27th William Hill Sports Book Of The Year Award( 2015.11.30 )

  • The Game Of Our Lives: The Meaning and Making of English Football Wins 27th William Hill Sports Book Of The Year Award

    Judges praise book that places football as a “barometer of t

  • 《权力的游戏》打破2015艾美奖纪录( 2015.10.07 )

  • 非常高兴告诉大家,在今年的第67届艾美奖颁奖典礼中,《权力的游戏》(GAME OF THRONES)创纪录地一举夺得12大奖项,成为艾美奖历史上一年内夺得最多奖项的作品。

    《权力的游戏》几乎横扫剧情系列剧单元(Drama Series category),夺得了最佳剧情类剧集奖(outstanding drama series),大卫·纳特(David Nutter)获得最佳导演(Outstanding Directing),“小恶魔”提利昂的扮演者彼特·丁拉基(Peter Dinklage)获得剧情类最佳男配角(Out

  • 哈珀·李新作《设立守望者》引爆英美夏季书市( 2015.07.20 )
  • 2015年7月14日,美国著名作家哈珀·李的第二本小说《设立守望者》(Go and Set a Watchman)在英美两地同时与读者见面。在美国销售首日,《设立守望者》即狂销70万册,创造了从未有过的销售纪录!在英国,这本书首日销量也高达105000册!



  • 元代大画家王蒙的故事《万物》获得2015年沃尔特·司各特奖最佳历史小说奖( 2015.07.08 )

  • John Spurling has won the 2015 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction for his fourth novel The Ten Thousand Things. The book is set in imperial China, during the 14th century. The Mongol founded Yuan Dynasty still rules China. The Mongols are still considered invaders and barbarians by the supporters of the Song dynasty. But a big change is coming soon.

    The story is about one of

  • MR. MERCEDES won the Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel of 2015( 2015.05.05 )
  • MR. MERCEDES won the Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel of 2015.  This is a huge honor for an author not commonly writing in the mystery field, and a testament to how successfully King embraced the hard boiled genre and put his own stamp on it.  The Mystery Writers of America obviously thinks i

  • James Ellroy has been named a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America( 2015.04.01 )
  • We are very pleased to announce that James Ellroy has been named a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America in recognition of his lifetime of achievement.  The award will be conferred at the annual MWA Edgar Awards on April 29th, 2015.

    He has also been nominated for the Folio Prize, given by The Folio Society in the UK, for PERFIDIA. The nominated books are the works of fiction that, in the eyes of the 235 writers and critics of the Folio Academy, are the best of th

  • the rediscovery of a previous, unpublished novel by Harper Lee( 2015.02.04 )
  • Amazing, wonderful news!!! Please see attached the Press Release from Penguin Random House UK regarding the rediscovery of a previous, unpublished novel  GO SET A WATCHMAN by Harper Lee, which spawned TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and is its sequel.

  • The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend won 2015 Caldecott Medal( 2015.02.03 )
  • Super great news! The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend, illustrated and written by Dan Santat won 2015 Caldecott Medal!

    In four delightful “visual chapters,” Beekle, an imaginary friend, undergoes an emotional journey looking for his human. Santat uses fine details, kaleidoscopic saturated colors, and exquisite curved and angular lines to masterfully convey the emotional